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Arrange a direct cremation for someone who has passed away from just £1000


Affordable Cremation Services in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland!

How does direct cremation work?

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We are available 24 hours a day. If you prefer, you can call us in advance to provide some basic information, so when the time comes there is less for you to worry about.

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We will collect the deceased from anywhere in Ireland and take care of them at our mortuary facilities. This includes suitable transport to the crematorium for cremation.

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Direct Cremation will take care of everything including the removal of artificial devices such as pacemakers and handling of paperwork. The direct cremation will take place at our trusted partner crematorium and we'll let you know the date and time it will take place.

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Ashes can be scattered in the crematorium's garden of remembrance or we have the option to deliver them to you by hand, usually within 14 days after cremation. Ashes are returned in a biodegradable urn that you can bury or scatter the ashes in a special location.

Funeral Service


You are free to gather the people that matter, at a time that suits everyone, to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Why are people choosing direct cremation?

With the spiralling cost of a funeral, for some, a direct cremation is simply a cheaper way to go than a more traditional funeral. For others, it’s a question of choice. Some people simply don’t want the fuss of a full funeral service.

More people are choosing to take a personal approach to their funeral, as opposed to the traditional funeral and burial, with direct cremations becoming more common. This type of cremation involves the deceased being taken directly from the place of death to the crematorium without a viewing or funeral service.

While funerals are seen by some people as the perfect way to say goodbye, others find them distressing and want to separate their memory from the distress of their passing. Without the pressure of a funeral service, family and friends are free to plan a more personalised memorial service at a time and in a place, that suits them, if they so wish.


What is included?

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Bringing the person who has died into our care

All cremation fees and costs

Care and preparation of the person who has died

A simple wood-effect coffin

A suitable vehicle to the crematorium

Any required doctors’ fees

A scatter tube for the ashes

Extra Costs
There would be a fee of £195 if extra staff are required to carry out a non-hospital removal and if an XXL coffin is required, £250 is added to cover this request. Contact us today for more information.

What's not included?

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Cremation Urn.png

If you choose a Direct Cremation, you cannot:

Visit the person who has died in the chapel of rest

Choose the date or time of the cremation

Choose the crematorium where it takes place

A suitable vehicle to the crematorium

Attend the crematorium on the day

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